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PRF: Refinancing of loans

Spekuliantai.lt | 2010-09-01 | NASDAQ OMX biržų naujienos | perskaitė: 1269
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PRF: Refinancing of loans

Premia Foods Company Announcement 01.09.2010

Refinancing of loans

On August 30th 2010, AS Premia Foods and AS UniCredit Bank Estonian Branch
signed loan agreements in the total amount of 12 075 000 EUR to centralize the
credit management of the group and refinance most of the existing loan
portfolio. Of the total agreement amount, 2 700 000 EUR was used to refinance
all existing overdraft agreements. The existing investment loans were
refinanced in the total amount of 7 742 390 EUR. To finance the increased
production volumes caused mainly by the acquisition of Khladokombinat No
1 and other future needs, a buffer of 1 632 610 EUR was created. The term of
the investment loans is 5 years and the principal is amortized according to
7-year schedule.

After refinancing, the total credit line of AS Premia Foods is 15,550,000 EUR
of which 13 917 390 EUR is currently used.

As the result of the refinancing the financial expenses of the group will
decrease considerably as the weighted average interest rate of the group falls
from 5,58% to 2,76% (6-month EURIBOR + 1,62%).

Additional information:

Andri Avila
AS Premia Foods
Tel: +372 6 033 800
E-post: andri.avila@premia.ee

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