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BAL: “Latvijas balzams” begins Riga Black® Vodka export to China

Spekuliantai.lt | 2013-04-23 | NASDAQ OMX biržų naujienos | perskaitė: 1368
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BAL: “Latvijas balzams” begins Riga Black® Vodka export to China

Latvijas balzams Company Announcement 23.04.2013

“Latvijas balzams” begins Riga Black® Vodka export to China

Continuing expansion of its export network JSC “Latvijas balzams” (LB), the
leading alcoholic beverage manufacturer in the Baltic states, begins export of
its newest vodka brand, Riga Black® Vodka, to China. The first batch of 17
thousand bottles with a special label in Chinese will reach this eastern market
at the end of April or the beginning of May, says the company.

Riga Black® Vodka showed good sales in the first quarter this year, exceeding
projections for the local market as well.

Production of Riga Black® Vodka was started by “Latvijas balzams” at the end
of last year. It was December when the first export batch of Riga Black® Vodka
was sent to Great Britain, while this year LB has begun export of the new
product to China.

„China, without a doubt, is an interesting and perspective market, though, it
must be admitted, not the easiest one for food and drink exporters. As to the
next export market for this newest vodka, we are looking forward to Russia,
where the product is currently undergoing registration, necessary to begin
export,” points out Justs Dzedons, the Sales Director of AS “Latvijas balzams”.

J. Dzedons informs that Riga Black® Vodka presentation along with other
„House of Riga Black Balsam” products is planned during the „London
International Wine Fair” taking place in London, May 20 - 22.

As reported by „SPI Distribution Latvia”, distributor of the product, first
quarter sales of Riga Black® Vodka in local market have exceeded the plan by 5%
which was due to co-ordinated and determined collaboration of producer,
marketing team as well as other professionals involved.

Riga Black® Vodka outdoor campaign “The city comes alive at night” was chosen
as the best campaign on Clear Channel outdoors. Advertising experts have
acknowledged the visual laconism, the contrast and the clear communication of
the brand conveyed by the campaign.

With Riga Black® Vodka the newly created «House of Riga Black Balsam»
superior quality brand was launched, symbolizing experience of “Riga Black
Balsam” masters in the creation of beverages. The high quality and clean taste
of the vodka is ensured by a unique, seven-step filtration method, which
includes filtration by active carbon enriched with silver ions – the technology
that has been used for the first time by “Latvijas balzams” for vodka

Additional information:

Dana Hasana

AS „Latvijas balzams” director of Communications

Tel.: +371 67011711

Mob.:+371 26355895

E-mail: dana.hasana@lb.lv


About JSC “Latvijas Balzams”

JSC“Latvijas balsams” is a leading producer of alcohol beverages in the Baltics
with a history steeped in tradition since 1900. Its biggest pride, Riga Black
Balsam, is one of the oldest alcohol beverage brands in Europe rooted in 1752.
The company has a distillery of strong alcohol beverages and sparkling wines
and light alcohol beverages production plant in Riga.

JSC“Latvijas balsams” ensures workplace for more than 600 employees and it is
one of the biggest taxpayers in Latvia. JSC“Latvijas balsams” with more than
100 product names is represented in almost all segments of strong and light
alcohol beverages, in a number of them being stable market leader in Latvia.
Among the company’s products are such worldwide known brands as “Stolichnaya”,
“Moskovskaya”, “Riga Black Balsam” and “Rigas Sparkling Wine”.

JSC“Latvijas balsams” is one of the most significant exporters in Latvia – its
products are available in more than 160 countries through SPI Group and in 30
countries through direct export. The company’s quality management system is
certified in accordance with ISO standards. Product quality is affirmed by
hundreds of awards in various international and domestic competitions and
obtained quality certificates and for decades obtained loyalty of consumers.
International quality standards are introduced in the daily production
practices and applied for the procurement of raw materials, packaging and
working culture. In May 2012 JSC“Latvijas balsams” got a silver medal in the
Sustainability Index, proving that the company is determined to make its
internal processes more effective and manage risks.

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