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2007-06-29 16:00:44

Mario ok. but am trying to learn )) i think 2 reasons: to improve results of some seb funds (last day of second q) and main reason because seb funds got much of arcovara and spend more money than they wanted and needed to do it all oki-doki with dis situation.

2006 04 10 7

2007-04-10 18:34:16

eh pink ne dozdalsja (

Market crash 2007 42

2007-03-04 18:00:09 dis is the source

Market crash 2007 42

2007-03-04 17:50:36

for dis moment its only on estonian language i think tomorrow it will be for example on english at BBN or somewhere else.

Dviguba viršūnė? 10

2007-02-12 22:14:16


Market crash 2007 42

2007-02-01 21:45:09

offcourse, not so interesting like oeg, but now is very good time to do ipo.

Market crash 2007 42

2007-02-01 18:26:31

chamas offcourse. for example i know that polish funds very agressivly started to trade at tse in january

Market crash 2007 42

2007-01-31 22:01:07

Mario why it must be? about what u talking? or u loughing?) may be eesti ekspress group u mean? The owner of ee group said they are not ready to do this still. but i think it can be real this year

Market crash 2007 42

2007-01-29 20:01:31

The valuation cannot be taken as attractive: Estonia is trading at 19.1x PE 2007E, Latvia at 21.7x, and Lithuania at 21.8x. Q4 results will determine the future direction; however, expectations are set very high.

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