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VNF1R - Ventspils nafta

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Pagrindiniai finansiniai rodikliai (LVL)

Kaina P/BV P/E P/S GPM,% Grynasis pelnas, M Akcijų sk.
1.17 LVL 0.47 -62.85 6.71 -1.95 104 479 519

Kap., M Pardavimai, M EPS Buhalterinė vertė Pardavimai akcijai EBIT, M EBITDA, M
122.24 18.21 -0.13 2.49 0.57 1.80 4.07

196.58 14.75 8.74 -4.78 -3.69 -26.77

Paskutinė ataskaita



2013-05-24 13:07 VNF: each year we invest at least half a million lats into the environmental protection
2013-05-16 16:00 VNF: Ventspils nafta’s presentation for webinar on 2012 results
2013-04-30 17:33 VNF: VN will hold Investor Conference Webinar on 2012 results
2013-04-30 17:32 VNF: VN Group’s annual profit 3.87 million lats
2013-04-25 16:45 VNF: Member of the VN Management Board re-elected
2013-04-19 10:09 VNF: Soon all VN shares will be publicly traded
2013-02-28 16:05 VNF: Ventspils nafta Group has profit after a break of three years
2013-02-27 09:45 VNF: LatRosTrans has reached its record result, transhipping 6.3 million tons of diesel
2013-02-22 09:45 VNF: Profit of VNT in 2012 was 10.44 million lats
2013-01-28 16:13 VNF: Companies of the VN Group get two awards of NASDAQ OMX for the most progress in investor relations

Informacija apie įmonę

Name: AS "VEF"
Core business: Manufacture of electronic appliances
Auditor: Māra Līgute (sert. No.55)
Listing date: 16.07.2001 (Free list); from 21.05.2007 Baltic Secondary List

Background information
JSC VEF has been founded in 1991. In the course of privatisation all production units according to their specialisation were spinned-off from JSC VEF and transformed in to independent companies.

At the moment JSC VEF has 35 employees. The company produces in a small scale taximeters, supplies electricity to the biggest part of enterprises which are operating in the territory previously owned by VEF, and also takes efforts to renovate and reconstruct owned buildings for production needs and rented offices.

Address; Brīvības gatve 214.k.1., Rīga, LV 1039, Latvija
Phone: +371 67553154
E-mail: [email protected]

Contactperson: Tamara Kampāne
Phone: +371 67553154
Fax: +371 67552201
E-mail: [email protected]


Aleksej Tarasov Member of the Board
Boris Bednov Member of the Board
Simon Boddy Chairman of the Management Board
Edgars Jansons Member of the Council
David Alexander Schlaff Member of the Council
Michael Hason Member of the Council
Rudolf Meroni Member of the Council
Christophe Theophanis Matsacos Member of the Council
Mark Ware Member of the Council
Rubel Yilmaz Member of the Council
Oļegs Stepanovs Member of the Council
Javed Ahmed Member of the Council
Mikhail Dvorak Deputy Chairman of the Council
Vladimir Egger Chairman of the Council

Pagrindiniai akcininkai

Euromin Holdings (Cyprus) Limited 49.50% (51.72 M)
AS Latvijas Naftas Tranzīts 39.11% (40.86 M)
Kiti akcininkai 11.39% (11.90 M)

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NASDAQ Vilnius akcijų Fundamentali Analizė

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