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TKM1T - Tallinn Department Store

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Pagrindiniai finansiniai rodikliai (EUR)

Kaina P/BV P/E P/S GPM,% Grynasis pelnas, M Akcijų sk.
5.00 EUR 1.66 57.24 1.85 4.35 3.56 40 729 200

Kap., M Pardavimai, M EPS Buhalterinė vertė Pardavimai akcijai EBIT, M EBITDA, M
203.65 110.08 0.42 3.01 10.23 6.93 9.44

277.48 12.50 2.92 15.07 6.96 66.63

Paskutinė ataskaita



2013-05-20 16:30 TKM: Merger of subsidiaries of Tallinna Kaubamaja AS
2013-05-16 16:00 TKM: Divisions of subsidiary of Tallinna Kaubamaja AS (KIA Auto AS)
2013-05-02 16:30 TKM: Divison of subsidiary of Tallinna Kaubamaja AS (AS Tartu Kaubamaja) and change in the management board (AS ABC King)
2013-04-17 16:30 TKM: Unaudited consolidated interim accounts for the first quarter of 2013
2013-03-28 15:30 TKM: Decisions of the annual general meeting of shareholders of Tallinna Kaubamaja AS 28.03.2013
2013-03-27 16:58 TKM: Division of subsidiaries
2013-03-04 16:31 TKM: Notice of convening Annual General Meeting of shareholders of Tallinna Kaubamaja Aktsiaselts
2013-03-04 16:30 TKM: Audited annual report 2012
2013-02-12 16:30 TKM: Unaudited consolidated interim accounts for the fourth quarter and twelve months of 2012
2013-01-09 16:30 TKM: Sales results for 2012 and the 4th quarter

Informacija apie įmonę

Name: Tallinna Kaubamaja AS (Tallinn Department Store Ltd.)
Core business: Wholesale and resale of goods
Date of establishment: 21 July 1960 (Tallinn Department Store opened)
Date of registration: 30 June 1997
Auditor: Ernst & Young Baltic AS
Date of listing: 6 September 1996 (Free Market)
19 August 1997 (Main List)
Other listings: -

Background Information
Tallinna Kaubamaja, the parent company of the Kaubamaja Group, opened for customers on 21 July 1960.

In terms of turnover, Tallinna Kaubamaja is the biggest department store in Estonia.

Tallinna Kaubamaja was privatised in 1994, after which the company was restructured and the new executive management was put in charge. The department store was fully renovated in 1995-96.

The sales area of the flagship store in Tallinn was modernised to a significant degree in spring 2004. The sales space of Tallinna Kaubamaja increased by almost 1.5 times in connection with the extension to the Viru Keskus shopping centre.

In autumn 2005 a new building of Tartu Kaubamaja was opened in the city centre of Tartu.

The Kaubamaja Group manages two trademarks: KAUBAMAJA and SELVER. Kaubamaja comprises Tallinna Kaubamaja and Tartu Kaubamaja.

The supermarkets and hypermarkets of the Selver chain are a rapidly developing product and one of Estonia’s biggest retail chains. At the moment, the Selver trademark comprises 9 shops in Tallinn and 12 elsewhere in Estonia.

Contact Details:
Address: Gonsiori 2, 10143 Tallinn, Estonia
Telephone: +372 667 3200
Fax: +372 667 3205
E–mail: [email protected]
Internet webpage: http://www.kaubamaja.ee
Contact person: Raul Puusepp (Chairman of the Board)


RAUL PUUSEPP Chairman of management board
MEELIS MILDER Member of supervisory council
GUNNAR KRAFT Member of supervisory council
ENN KUNILA Member of supervisory council
ANDRES JARVING Member of supervisory council
JURI KAO Chairman of supervisory council

Pagrindiniai akcininkai

ING LUXEMBOURG S.A. 6.84% (2.79 M)
Kiti akcininkai 20.24% (8.24 M)

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