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LSC1R - Latvijas kugnieciba

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Pagrindiniai finansiniai rodikliai (LVL)

Kaina P/BV P/E P/S GPM,% Grynasis pelnas, M Akcijų sk.
0.36 LVL 0.47 -26.02 6.77 -2.77 200 000 000

Kap., M Pardavimai, M EPS Buhalterinė vertė Pardavimai akcijai EBIT, M EBITDA, M
72.00 10.64 -0.33 0.76 0.29 1.21 3.35

238.38 -5.05 -6.78 -30.49 -14.55 145.07

Paskutinė ataskaita



2013-05-09 09:59 LSC: Investor Conference Webinar of LSC results for 2012
2013-05-08 16:07 LSC: LSC webinar presentation on 2012 results
2013-04-30 16:01 LSC: LSC will Hold Investor Conference Webinar on 2012 results
2013-04-30 16:01 LSC: LSC continues to stabilise its financial position
2013-01-10 14:17 LSC: LSC donates LVL 20 000 to Delna emphasizing its fundamental position on anti-corruption issues
2012-09-14 15:27 LSC: All Ships of the LSC Fleet are suitable for Marine Fuel with reduced Sulphur Content
2012-07-25 10:58 LSC: RESOLUTIONS of Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of joint stock company “Latvijas kuģniecība” held on July 25, 2012
2012-07-13 10:14 LSC: Freezing Order on Lembergs Assets still in place
2012-07-11 09:00 LSC: Draft resolutions of Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of LSC, to be held on July 25, 2012
2012-06-19 16:05 LSC: Notification on the convocation of the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of joint stock company “Latvijas kuģniecība”

Informacija apie įmonę

Name: AS "Latvijas kuģniecība"
Core business: Cargo shipping
Auditor: SIA "Ernst & Young Baltic"
Date of listing: 26.06.2002 (Main list)

Background information
JSC Latvijas kuģniecība (Latvian Shipping Company) is one of the leading companies in the middle range tankers segment of the world shipping industry. It owns a fleet of 38 vessels consisting of 30 product tankers, 5 refrigerators, 2 gas carriers and one Ro -Ro vessel. The company provides safe and high -quality freight shipments across all the world&5_039;s seas and oceans, carries out training and crewing, as well as technical management for its own ships and those belonging to other shipping companies.
October 29, 1940 is considered to be the company&5_039;s founding date. Since its privatisation in 2002 the company is a public joint stock company, and its shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Riga.

Address: Elizabetes iela 1, Rīga, LV 1807, Latvia
Phone: + 371 67020111
Fax: + 371 67828106
Internet: http://www.lk.lv
E-mail: [email protected]

Contactpersons: Marita Ozoliņa-Tumanovska
Phone: + 371 67020120
Fax: + 371 67020231
E-mail: [email protected]


Christopher James Kernon Member of the Management Board
Michael Main King Member of the Management Board
Ashley John Neale Member of the Management Board
Paul Thomas Chairman of the Management Board
Serguei Choutov Member of the Council
Mārtiņš Kvēps Member of the Council
Oļegs Stepanovs Member of the Council
Christophe Theophanis Matsacos Member of the Council
Mark Morell Ware Member of the Council
Rubil Yilmaz Member of the Council
Javed Ahmed Member of the Council
Vladimir Egger Member of the Council
Mikhail Dvorak Deputy Chairpersons of the Council
Simon Digby Boddy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Pagrindiniai akcininkai

AS Ventspils nafta 49.91% (99.82 M)
VAS Valsts sociālās apdrošināšanas aģentūra 10.00% (20.00 M)
Kiti akcininkai 12.54% (25.08 M)

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