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GRD1R - Grindeks

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Pagrindiniai finansiniai rodikliai (LVL)

Kaina P/BV P/E P/S GPM,% Grynasis pelnas, M Akcijų sk.
5.90 LVL 0.89 20.31 3.00 11.03 2.78 9 585 000

Kap., M Pardavimai, M EPS Buhalterinė vertė Pardavimai akcijai EBIT, M EBITDA, M
56.55 18.87 0.76 6.60 6.88 3.27 3.99

77.49 8.77 6.66 12.29 8.46 12.25

Paskutinė ataskaita



2013-05-21 16:54 GRD: DRAFT RESOLUTIONS of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of JSC “Grindeks” to be held on 4 June 2013
2013-04-30 09:56 GRD: Notification on convocation of joint stock company “GRINDEKS” Annual General Meeting of shareholders
2013-04-30 09:54 GRD: On “Grindeks” audited financial results for 2012
2013-04-04 13:43 GRD: “Grindeks” continues to invest in its development
2013-02-28 17:01 GRD: "Grindeks" concluded 2012 with the record-high profit of 9.6 million lats
2013-02-25 12:21 GRD: Explanation of the data of State Agency of Medicines of Latvia
2012-12-20 09:00 GRD: The Financial Calendar of JSC “Grindeks” for the year of 2013
2012-12-06 09:33 GRD: Two leading Latvian companies in their sector receive international prize for excellence in quality
2012-11-28 14:42 GRD: "Grindeks" announcement on turnover and profit prognosis in the year of 2013
2012-11-28 14:00 GRD: “Grindeks” unveils manufacturing unit of ointments and gels

Informacija apie įmonę

Name: AS "Grindeks"
Core business: Pharmaceuticals manufacturing
Auditor: BDO Invest Rīga
Date of listing: 01.06.1998.- 01.01.2006 I-list
From 02.01.2006 Main list
Background information
JSC Grindeks is the leading pharmaceutical company in the Baltic States specializing in the manufacturing and sales of heart and cardiovascular, central nervous system and anti-cancer medications. The holding company consists of four subsidiary companies Tallinn Pharmaceutical Plant, JSC Kalceks, Ltd Grindeks RUS and Ltd Namu apsaimniekošanas projekti as well as seven representative offices. Products of the company are exported to more than 40 countries. Main markets – Baltic States, Russia and other CIS countries, Japan, USA. Grindeks shares are listed on the Official list of NASDAQ OMX Riga.
JSC Grindeks is on its way of becoming a European level pharmaceutical company with a remarkable growth potential. The main priorities, aiming to achieve the strategic goals of the company, are investments in the development of new originator products and manufacturing infrastructure, by building new plants and laboratories, equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies.
The product portfolio of the company includes both originator and generic medicines-altogether 53 products, which absolutely correspond to the highest standards of safety and quality. Grindeks has received Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate, issued by the SDA. Company carries out its activities according to the demands of ISO 9001:2000 certificate.
Grindeks is proud of its originator products- Mildronate and Ftorafur, the sales of which form the greatest part of Grindeks turnover. Company carries out international value originator products clinical trials program, which will secure company’s competitiveness and remarkable potential of market growth also in future.
Grindeks manufactures also active pharmaceutical substances, which are used in a production of final dosage forms in Grindeks and sold abroad as well.
Each year company invests approximately 10% of its turnover in research and development, understanding, that only innovations and highest technologies would secure company’s further growth potential and competitiveness. Company closely cooperates with scientific research institutes, universities, laboratories and clinics in Latvia and abroad, by implementing state-of-the-art and safe technologies.
Each year company increases its investments in providing high quality products, environment protection, human health and in the field of labor safety, thus certifying its loyalty to Responsible care program and to the Global Compact of UN movement.
Terms of Share Capital Increase (pdf., English)
Terms of Share Capital Increase (pdf., Latvian)
Address: Krustpils ielā 53, Rīga, LV 1057
Phone: + 371 67083205
Fax: + 371 67083205
Internet: www.grindeks.lv
E-mail: [email protected]
Contactperson: Vadims Rabša
Phone: + 371 67083201
Fax: + 371 67083205
E-mail: [email protected]


Vadims Rabsa Member of the Board
Lipmans Zeligmans Member of the Board
Janis Romanovskis Chairman of the Board
Ivars Kalvins Member of the Supervisory Council
Janis Naglis Member of the Supervisory Council
Uldis Osis Member of the Supervisory Council
Anna Lipmane Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Council
Kirovs Lipmans Chairman of the Supervisory Council

Pagrindiniai akcininkai

Kirovs Lipmans 33.29% (3.19 M)
Anna Lipmane 16.69% (1.60 M)
AB.LV Private equity fund 2010 11.38% (1.09 M)
Skandinavska Enskilda Banken 10.62% (1.02 M)
AS Swedbank clients account 7.10% (0.68 M)
Kiti akcininkai 20.92% (2.01 M)

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