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PXS: New Citadele Asset Management Supervisory Council appointed

Spekuliantai.lt | 2010-09-08 | NASDAQ OMX biržų naujienos | perskaitė: 1274
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PXS: New Citadele Asset Management Supervisory Council appointed

Citadele Asset Management Changes board/management/auditors 08.09.2010

New Citadele Asset Management Supervisory Council appointed

On September 6 Citadele bank's Supervisory Council approved the new Supervisory
Council for bank's subsidiary company Citadele Asset Management. Juris Jākobsons
has been elected as Chairman of Supervisory Council while Aldis Paegle,
Anatolijs Fridmans and James Russel Breiding are elected as members of the
The Supervisory Council has been approved for a term of five years. A.Fridmans
and J.R.Breiding have worked on Citadele Asset Management Supervisory Council
before while Citadele bank's chairman of Management Board Juris Jākobsons and
Interim Head of Sector of Finance and Treasury Aldis Paegle have joined the
Supervisory Council on September 6. J.Jākobsons and A.Paegle will substitute
previous members of the council Nils Melngailis and Solvita Deglava.
The Management Board of the sole shareholder of Citadele Asset Management - bank
Citadele decided to elected a new Supervisory Council of Citadele Asset
Management on August 31.
Roberts Idelsons works as the chairman of Management Board of Citadele Asset
Management along with members of the board Zigurds Vaikulis, Igors Makarovs,
Igors Petrovs and Elena Coleman.

About Citadele Bank:

Citadele Bank has been established to inspire the growth for people and
enterprises and to enhance regional development. The Bank strives to ensure
outstanding customer service and provide a wide range of retail services, as
well as services for enterprises and private capital management clients, and to
attract excellent and experienced clients and customer service staff. Citadele
Bank is an exclusive dealer of American Express® in Latvia and Lithuania
entitled to issue American Express credit cards. 75% of the Bank's shares are
held by Privatization Agency, while the European Bank for Reconstruction and
Development (EBRD) owns 25% plus one voting shares.

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