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TVE: Tallinners drinking water quality in 2009 was the best ever

Spekuliantai.lt | 2010-01-27 | NASDAQ OMX biržų naujienos | perskaitė: 2102
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TVE: Tallinners drinking water quality in 2009 was the best ever

Tallinna Vesi Press release 27.01.2010

Tallinners drinking water quality in 2009 was the best ever

99,3 per cent of water samples taken from the taps of the customers of the
largest water undertaking in Tallinn and surrounding municipalities, AS
Tallinna Vesi, were compliant with requirements, demonstrating an increase of
1,3 per cent from 2008.

AS Tallinna Vesi's COO David Hetherington said that the quality of drinking
water provided to Tallinners is nearly on the same level as in Western Europe.
„Although there is no comparative quality data available for other cities in
Estonia, we are convinced that the water quality in Tallinn is the best in the
Baltics,“ noted Hetherington. „AS Tallinna Vesi's operating indicators were
very good in 2009 and the company has consistently exceeded the product and
service quality standards it committed to in 2001,“ added Hetherington.

The number of unplanned interruptions in 2009 decreased by four per cent
compared to 2008, while the number of properties affected by these
interruptions decreased by 17 per cent. The total lenght of interruptions
decreased from over 40.000 hours to less than 30.000 hours.

The level of water leakages has decreased to 16,6 per cent, this means a save
of 40 swimming pools of clean drinking water per day compared to 2008.
Altogether 23,6 kilometres of water pipes and 6,4 kilometres of sewerage pipes
were reconstructed last year. „Based on these indicators it is clear that that
AS Tallinna Vesi's service reliability and the company's impact on surrounding
enironment has improved significantly during past years,“ said Hetherington.

The Company laid 4,6 kilometres of new water pipes in 2009 instead of the
planned 3,3 kilometres and 42,3 kilometres of new sewerage pipes instead of the
planned 38,6 kilometres. Additionally 5,9 kilometres of sewerage pipes planned
for 2010 were laid as well.

AS Tallinna Vesi supplied over 23,4 million cubic metres of water to the public
water network in 2009 and. Paljassaare waste-water treatment plant treated over
46,2 million cubic metres of waste water. „Increased nitrogen volumes in the
wastewater need more treatment in order to secure the cleanliness of Tallinn's
beaches and that is why AS Tallinna Vesi will be investing nearly 200 million
kroons into building an additional treatment stage at the Paljassaare
wastewater treatment plant,“ added Hetherington.

AS Tallinna Vesi invested over 250 million kroons in 2009, of which over 200
million kroons were invested into the networks, 17.4 million kroons in the
Paljassaare wastewater treatment plant, 6.4 million kroons into water quality
and 19.1 millions kroons into other investments. The Company is committed to
delivering an over 300 million kroon investment programme in 2010, with the
main focus being the 200 million kroon investment into the biofilter treatment
stage at Paljassaare wastewater treatment plant in 2010-2011 and the completion
of the network extension program.

More information about AS Tallinna Vesi's operational results in 2009 is
available in the attached performance report.

Priit Koff
Head of Communications
AS Tallinna Vesi
+372 6 262 209

1. as tallinna vesi operations performance 2009.pdf

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