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VNF: Ventspils nafta termināls Ltd has a new internationally experienced manager

Spekuliantai.lt | 2009-09-28 | NASDAQ OMX biržų naujienos | perskaitė: 1514
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VNF: Ventspils nafta termināls Ltd has a new internationally experienced manager

Ventspils nafta Company Announcement 28.09.2009

Ventspils nafta termināls Ltd has a new internationally experienced manager

Management of the crude oil and petroleum products transshipment company
Ventspils nafta termināls Ltd - subsidiary of joint stock company Ventspils
nafta - is entrusted to an experienced and knowledgeable specialist in oil
terminal development area with global experience. According to a resolution
adopted by the company's shareholders' meeting, Lars Pantzlaff has become the
new Management Board member and General Director of Ventspils nafta termināls
Ltd. Appointment of a new manager will not change the accepted long-term
development strategy of Ventspils nafta termināls Ltd which is aimed at
improvement of the terminal as the largest and the most advanced company of
such type in the Baltic region. This will be achieved by analyzing new business
opportunities and introducing new services while maintaining the highest
environmental and quality management standards and ensuring efficient staff

Capital share owners of Ventspils nafta termināls Ltd recognize the great
contribution the company's previous Management Board member and General
Director Ronald Okker has made, in line with the best internationally
approbated principles of effective and modern management. According to previous
agreement with owners of the company, R.Okker has held the mentioned position
for a year and a half - since February 2008. “My main task has been
accomplished - supported by an outstanding team, I have helped Ventspils nafta
termināls Ltd to become a strong company with a bright, long-term future,
holding stable leader positions in the Baltic States and having a remarkable
potential for business growth,” emphasizes R.Okker.

The new manager of Ventspils nafta termināls Ltd L.Pantzlaff has been chosen in
a lengthy and thorough international personnel selection process, seeking a
specialist with appropriate education and profound understanding of the
technological processes, business and technical resources in an up-to-date
crude oil and petroleum products terminal.

“Considering the company's activity in such a competitive global market , for
the position of manager of Ventspils nafta termināls Ltd we chose a candidate
with good knowledge and experience in the technical, administrative and
business development area,” points out Olga Pētersone, the Chairperson of
Supervisory Council for Ventspils nafta termināls Ltd and Chairperson of
Management Board for JSC Ventspils nafta.

L.Pantzlaff obtained a mechanical engineering diploma at the Technical
University of Munich (Germany), and a master's degree in mechanical engineering
at the Northwestern University in Evanston (State of Illinois, USA),
specializing in the design management of engineering technical constructions.
L.Pantzlaff has worked in USA at the company APV Systems Inc. where he
conducted multimillion projects in USA, Australia and Uzbekistan; at the German
Lurgi Oel Gas Chemie GmbH holding a senior position at the construction site of
the Trinidad methanol factory and managing communication with investors,
auditors and local authorities; at the German Ingenieurtechnik GmbH he was
Operations Director , in charge of development of international construction
and supply contracts to ensure large storage capacities in oil, gas, chemical
and food industry; at the German company Uhde GmbH, managing construction works
at the chemical industrial complex in Egypt; at the Nigerian Navgas Ltd. as
General Director, organizing the company's business activity for implementation
of liquefied petroleum gas storage project.

L.Pantzlaff admits that he sees the new position in management of Ventspils
nafta termināls Ltd as a great challenge aiming to strengthen further the
company's position in the Baltic region, by implementing various technical
improvement programs. This will deliver excellent quality of service, promoting
productivity growth from a highly qualified, efficient and motivated workforce,
and continuously recognizing the responsibility of Ventspils nafta termināls
Ltd to business, social, individual and environmental safety.

“My international exposure to working in complex political and cultural
environments, coupled with my experience in the oil and gas industry, as well
as my technical background, form the basis to help the owners of the terminal
to develop the business and to strengthen the company's competitiveness,”
emphasizes L.Pantzlaff.

SIA Ventspils nafta termināls td is a subsidiary of AS Ventspils nafta. 51% of
it belongs to AS Ventspils nafta while 49% are owned by the Vitol company
Euromin Holdings (Cyprus) Limited. The terminal renders transit services:
reception of oil and diesel fuel via pipelines, as well as reception, storage
and transshipment of diesel fuel, motor gasoline and other petroleum products
delivered by railway and sea.

JSC Ventspils nafta
For further information -
Gundega Vārpa,
Public Relations and Advertising Manager,
tel.: +371 67229182;
e-mail: gundega.varpa@vnafta.lv

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