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ELG: ELKO Grupa JSC is developing its cooperation in the area of selling of software expanding its cooperation with Microsoft

Spekuliantai.lt | 2009-07-09 | NASDAQ OMX biržų naujienos | perskaitė: 1715
ELG: ELKO Grupa JSC is developing its cooperation in the area of selling of software expanding its cooperation with Microsoft

ELKO Grupa Company Announcement 09.07.2009

ELKO Grupa JSC is developing its cooperation in the area of selling of software
expanding its cooperation with Microsoft

At the end of this June ELKO Grupa JSC (ELKO Group), leading wholesaler of IT
products and components in Eastern Europe and Latvia has concluded agreement
with perspective cooperation partner Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited.
Through this important agreement ELKO Group has obtained rights to begin
actually new direction of its activity: the sale of computer software not only
in package with computers (as until now) but also separately. Along with the
concluding of this agreement ELKO Group plans include substantial expanding of
its activity in the field of software product sale offering new Microsoft
products for customers.
Till now ELKO Group has distributed Microsoft OEM (original equipment
manufacturer) production intended for sale only in package with new computers
in Baltic countries, Slovenia, Romania and Slovakia. With this new agreement
ELKO Group gets also rights to distribute Microsoft FG (finished goods)
products: licenses of companies (Open License, Open Value), retail products
(Full Packaged Products) and licenses with special allowances for education
institutions (School Agreement). The concluded agreement allows distributing of
above mentioned products not just in Latvia but also in other member countries
of the European Union.
Along with concluding of this agreement ELKO Group begins to develop its
activity also in the sale of software products expanding the choice of offered
products with products of Microsoft which are very urgent at the moment of
economical crisis and varying the possibilities of its licensing. So customers
will get possibility to obtain full choice of Microsoft software.
Concluding this agreement ELKO Group has increased its competence in the trade
of Microsoft products and customers will have possibility to get more
qualitative consultations about Microsoft products which will be more
satisfying for business needs of specific customer and about possibilities of
its advantageous purchasing.
“ELKO Group is strong Latvian company acknowledged as solid and important
cooperation partner in all region of Eastern Europe having good reputation and
branched distribution channels. The concluded agreement is good basis for
attracting of new customers and increased choice possibilities for consumers in
Latvia and other European countries,” Daiga Trumpe evaluates, manager of
business development and marketing, Microsoft Latvia.
Ilgonis Inspēters, distribution manager of company ELKO Group, commented signed
distribution agreement saying: “The concluding of this agreement is important
step in long term work between companies ELKO Group and Microsoft allowing to
expand and improve offering provided for our customers. We appreciate
confidence of the globally leading software developer and are sure that the
expanding of this collaboration will give additional benefices for both
companies and also for our customers.”

About Microsoft
Established in 1975, Microsoft is the world's leading computer and server
software manufacturer, service provider and Internet technologies developer.
The Microsoft Corporation develops and manufactures a wide range of software
products, including end and network operating systems, server application
software in client server environments, business application software and
office application software, interactive software and games, tools for working
in the Internet and projecting tools. In addition, Microsoft offers interactive
(on-line) services, publishes books about computers, manufactures peripheral
devices for computers, and deals with research and the development of new
computer technology. Microsoft products are sold in more than 80 countries
around the world, translated into more than 45 languages (including Latvian)
and are compatible with most personal computer platforms.

ELKO Group
ELKO Group was founded in 1993. It is Latvia's biggest enterprise and since
2007 has operated with an annual turnover of greater than one billion USD. The
main operational direction of the enterprise is the wholesale of computer
engineering and electronic goods in the Baltic States, Central and Eastern
Europe and CIS countries.
The enterprise represents more than 80 producers and sells their goods to
approximately 6300 retailers, local providers of computer engineering solutions
and system integrators. ELKO Group offers more than 9000 product names from the
world's most famous suppliers - Acer, Intel, Seagate, Samsung, Sony, TomTom,
Western Digital and others. Currently, there are more than 340 people employed
in the enterprise. ELKO Group is owned by several private persons, as well as
by IT Investīcijas JSC, Amber Trust investment fund and investment funds
related to East Capital Asset Management.

Further information:
Kristine Saulriete
Director of Marketing and Communications
Telephone: + 371 6709 3214
Fax: + 371 6709 3299
E-mail: kristine_saulriete@elkogroup.com

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