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LME: Blackening campaign to discredit JSC “Liepajas Metalurgs"

Spekuliantai.lt | 2013-04-09 | NASDAQ OMX biržų naujienos | perskaitė: 744
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LME: Blackening campaign to discredit JSC “Liepajas Metalurgs"

Liepajas metalurgs Company Announcement 09.04.2013

Blackening campaign to discredit JSC “Liepajas Metalurgs"

Liepaja, 2013-04-09 11:13 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It shall be admitted without
prejudice and for the sake of justice that the steel industry in the European
Union and the tightly related civil construction sector are in the deepest
crisis. This is indisputable. The assignment of the European Parliament to the
European Commission to propose a realistic plan within June this year for
rescuing the industry serves as evidence.

Unfortunately, against this background, a purposeful, and most likely financed,
action is taking place in our country during last months to blacken the
activities of JSC “Liepajas Metalurgs”.

We consider the openly made up stories without proof that are close to
infringement of the existing business activity protecting jurisdiction as a
blackening campaign to discredit JSC “Liepajas Metalurgs”.

The doubtful statements of such “specialists” about VAT nonpayment, conjuncture
in the ferrous metal market and “advices” in the steel production are beginning
to light up the existence of stage-managers, which are directing this

Administrative and criminal processes, which are initiated for destabilizing
one of the biggest producers with high level of confidentiality and openness,
the company that has accomplished a huge work for introduction of a unique
technology, again and again suffer fiasco. A question arises – why and for whom
it is beneficial.

The calculation is rather simple – to exert maximum influence on the decisions
to be taken by Themis and the government.

We are grateful to those rare mass media that understand the seriousness of the
question and – the main thing – understand the influence of such declared war
activities on the work personnel.

We express a hope that the Cabinet of Ministers will find a possibility to
support the company that is having temporary difficulties, its 2300 workers in
the plant (about 15 000 work personnel in total in the affiliated companies).
Work of these people in JSC “Liepajas Metalurgs” allows to ensure the annual
turnover of 430 million EUR, export amount of 98 percent and 9,4 million LVL
paid tax in 2012.

JSC "Liepajas Metalurgs"

Līga Šenfelde
Assistant of chief Economist
63455926, shenfelde@metalurgs.lv

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