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BAB: AS „Akciju komercbanka „Baltikums”” has redeemed second issue bonds

Spekuliantai.lt | 2009-04-28 | NASDAQ OMX biržų naujienos | perskaitė: 1248
BAB: AS „Akciju komercbanka „Baltikums”” has redeemed second issue bonds

Akciju komercbanka "Baltikums" Final Bond Terms 28.04.2009

AS „Akciju komercbanka „Baltikums”” has redeemed second issue bonds

AS „Akciju komercbanka „Baltikums”” has redeemed the second issue bonds.
Previously, the bank successfully redeemed the first bond issue.

AS „Akciju komercbanka „Baltikums”” positions itself as a stable issuer whose
bonds are attractive for investors.

Investors showed high interest in the bank's issued bonds. Most investors
represented the Baltic States; ¾ of the issue volume were purchased by
institutional investors (pension and investment funds, banks, and insurance
companies) and ¼ - by private investors.

The bank directed the funds obtained from the bond issue to finance trade and
to finance and service shipping companies.

Currently, the third issue bonds of AS „Akciju komercbanka „Baltikums”” totally
worth EUR 10 million are available in public trade and are quoted on the stock
exchange NASDAQ OMX Riga.

Investors who purchased the bank's bonds receive stable and regular income from
them. The bank's bonds have stable business prospects in future improving the
bank's competitive advantages in the chosen niches of Corporate Banking and
Private Banking. The financial results achieved by AS „Akciju komercbanka
„Baltikums”” prove that the bank has been successfully implementing its
potential in providing services to companies and high net worth individuals.

AS „Akciju komercbanka „Baltikums”” allows for possibilities of new bond issues
in future depending on the situation on financial markets and customer demand
for financing promising projects.

Financial results of AS “Akciju komercbanka “Baltikums”” as of 31 March 2009:

• assets 122,332,718 174,063,776
• loans 29,193,115 41,538,060
o incl. to households for housing purchase 14,056 20,000
o incl. mortgage loans 33,259 47,323
• deposits 90,396,520 128,622,660
o incl. by households 4,407,434 6,271,214
• capital and reserves 18,250,664 25,968,355
• profit in reporting year 454,154 646,203
• assets in management 6,541,019 9,307,032

The interest rate fixed by the Bank of Latvia is 1 EUR = 0.702804 LVL.

Uldis Zandars
AS „Akciju komercbanka „Baltikums””
Deputy of Head of the Product Development and Marketing Department
Tel.: +371 67 704 672, +371 29 206 536
E-mail: uldis.zandars@baltikums.eu

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