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RSU: Regarding payout of dividends related to 2010

Spekuliantai.lt | 2011-05-12 | NASDAQ OMX biržų naujienos | perskaitė: 1113
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RSU: Regarding payout of dividends related to 2010

Rokiskio Suris AB Other information 12.05.2011

Regarding payout of dividends related to 2010

AB Rokiskio suris, Pramones str. 3, Rokiskis, Lithuania, 2011-05-12 15:40 CEST
(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The 29th April 2011 general meeting of shareholders of AB
”Rokiskio suris” resolved to distribute dividends to the company's shareholders
amounting to LTL 0,10 (before taxes) per one share of AB ”Rokiskio suris” of
LTL 1 litas par value.

Dividends will be paid to the shareholders who are the shareholders of AB
”Rokiskio suris” at the end of property rights accounting date (i.e. 13th May

The dividends will be paid starting from May 23rd 2011 and distributed in one
month period from the day when it was resolved to pay out dividends.

Dividends related to 2010 and paid to physical bodies resided in the Republic
of Lithuania as well as in foreign countries are subject to 20 per cent of
residential income tax. Dividends paid to juridical bodies of the Republic of
Lithuania as well as foreign countries are subject to 15 per cent of profit

Dividends to the shareholders whose securities accounting is performed by
public exchange brokers or credit institutions providing services of securities
accounting, will be paid out by the representatives having deducted the income
tax (profit tax) to the account indicated by shareholder.

Dividends to other shareholders will be paid by the company's cashier (AB
„Rokiskio suris“ resided in Pramones str. 3, Rokiskis), or upon a written
request they will be transferred to the personal account. The requests may be
supplied in written and sent to the company's address (AB „Rokiskio suris“
Pramones str. 3, Rokiskis LT- 42150) or e-mail address

Residents of foreign countries with whom the Republic of Lithuania has made
international agreements in order to avoid double taxation may enjoy benefits
provided by such agreements if they present a request of a resident of foreign
country to decrease the enumerated tax, form FR0021 (DAS-1).

Authorized persons of the company capable to provide additional information:
Grazina Jankauskiene, ph. +370 458 55243.

Dalius Trumpa

Board Chairman

+370 458 55200

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