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Great Britain in the Champions League: Great start

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 Three out of four Premier League players will step into the table for the Champions League this year, making their prospects for the gold trophy a big obstacle. Even a go to the qualifying round also caused the giants to sweat the assembly. Here is an overview of the English football situation in the Champions League 2018/19.
Group B: Empty Chickens and Giants
Barcelona, ​​Tottenham, PSV, Inter
Leicester continued to make Tottenham Hotspur the second consecutive year, after Real Madrid and Dortmund rivals last season. Even so, this year is much harder for the Spurs, when the experts considered this is the worst league in the Champions League this season and without any name paved the way.
The ability is not small, Barca will be rated for a rushing forward. Thus, the remaining position is the tight competition between the three teams Tottenham, PSV and Inter Milan - the force has returned to the Italian football. In order to be able to advance to the next round, teacher Pochettino was forced to stretch out the ice, especially in two confrontations with Inter.
Tottenham's chances are very difficult, given the disappointing staffing situation (without adding any new recruits at the summer market). As well as competing in the Premier League, Harry Kane and his teammates have been struggling to make ends meet. Inter has significant staff additions, while PSV is not easy to bully.
English football in the Champions League 201819 The beginning of the picture 1
Tottenham will have to compete with the other three teams in Group B
Group C: Liverpool between the wolves
Liverpool, PSG, Naples, Red Star Belgrade
Champions League debut last season was hard to cheer with the current draw, having to face two things Napoli and PSG. If you forgo the Belgrade Reds - the weakest opponent in the table, it's not easy for teachers Klopp because they are still racing to the top of the league.
PSG and Napoli - Two direct competitors all have an attractive attacking game, the same thing with Liverpool. Looking at that, it will be an attractive party with fans, but it will be difficult for Jurgen Klopp because the Red Brigade will consume a lot of strength for these battles. In general, in terms of force relations, Napoli will be weaker but the Italian representative just nominated the champion Ancelotti in the bench.
For the best quality of the summer, this is the time to show their talents. With the death penalty, The Kop also chews Chelsea in the League Cup, making their way from early October to the only nightmare.
English football in the Champions League 201819 The beginning of the picture 2
Liverpool's tagline is also very heavy
After an impressive start, Klopp was prepared to face the biggest challenge ever
They are doing very well in the Premier League, but Jurgen Klopp's upcoming career will not be easy when Liverpool faces heavy schedules.
Group F: City gently won the ticket
Man City, Shakhtar Donetsk, Lyon, Hoffenheim
This is the most comfortable visit to the English giants this season, compared with the rival country. Donetsk spent the second year in a row with the Blue Man, and remains a particularly tough opponent to play at home.
Lyon, Hoffenheim does not have to be too big for Pep Guardiola, but the tight schedule will continue to challenge Etihad owners. They have not solved the problem of disappointment in England when returning from Europe, especially the Green Man was forced to squeeze both of these two important arenas nhung tin tuc cap nhap bong da moi nhat 24h hang ngay https://bongda365.com
Kernel Kevin De Bruyne will be affected by all the stages of the group as the force of the British champions. But as they said before, they still outperform Group F and will easily win the top spot.
English football in the Champions League 201819 The beginning of the picture 3
Man City did not face too much difficulty in Group F Champions League 2018/19
Group H: The Terrors of the Reds
Juventus, Manchester United, Valencia, Young Boys
Although not quite as terrible as the league table of Liverpool and Tottenham, but falling into Group H is also a bad thing with the teacher Jose Mourinho - in the context they are constantly experiencing soles failures. The match against Juventus will be extremely important, it can decide the ticket to go ahead and the top of the table. In addition, this will be the return of Cris Ronaldo - a star recently joined Juve this summer.
Valencia are also very upset with MU, if they see the Old Trafford side losing money to Sevilla last season. With the addition of Michy Batshuay, Kevin Gameiro, Denis Cheryshev and Geoffrey Kondogbia, the Bat will make a lot of trouble for the Reds https://bongda365.com/soi-keo cac nha phan tich chuyen mon co nhieu nam kinh nghiem trong viec du doan ty le soi keo bong da
English football in the Champions League 201819 Thousands start the picture 4
Representatives of English football in the Champions League 2018/19 will encounter many difficulties

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