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PSG wants to buy Jerome Boateng

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 PSG wants to buy Jerome Boateng
PSG are planning a return to center-stage in the summer transfer window of 2018, the Prince of Wales Park grounds host Jerome Boateng. Coach Thomas Tuchel has spent time working in the Bundesliga, impressed with the 29-year-old's talent doc bao bong da https://bongda365.com/
Assignment PSG 2018 want to change draxler boateng image
PSG wants to buy Jerome Boateng
Boateng also wants to leave Bayern Munich for a new career challenge, in his latest interview, he insists he is ready to leave if he receives a reasonable offer.
Bayern Munich only allowed the player to leave in 1988 if they received £ 50m. MU interested in Boateng but withdrew without accepting the full amount of money required by the German team.
To put the German midfielder out of Bayern Munich, PSG will have to pay £ 50m. However, the capital city of Paris does not want to spend money, they want to exchange people with "Gray Lobster".
PSG wants to change Draxler to take Boateng
Transfer PSG 2018 want to exchange people with Bayern Munich, the host of the Park of the Queens, from wanting to change the winger Julian Draxler to Jerome Boateng.
Draxler in the PSG pond
PSG is ready to change Draxler to take Boateng
The PSG has spent too much in recent years, and if they continue to spend boldly in the summer of 2018, they may violate the Financial Justice Law. The Frenchman will not accept a £ 50m bid for Boateng, but instead wants to change Draxler for the German midfielder thong tin soi keo bong da https://bongda365.com/soi-keo
Bayern Munich was interested in Draxler, at the moment they are ready to talk to PSG. However, the German team want to receive more money to exchange. Specifically, Sport Bild insists Gray Lobster will only exchange PSG use Draxler plus £ 15m in exchange for the services of a 29-year-old midfielder.
Draxler was not featured at PSG, so he had to sit for the Neymar, Cavani and Mbappe Trios. Di Maria is even more preferred than a player born in 1993.

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