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Leicester wants to buy Danny Drinkwater

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 Drinkwater wants to leave Chelsea
Last season, midfielder Danny Drinkwater did not show much in Chelsea's shirt. The English star was injured at the start of the season, when he recovered from a lack of competitive position Kèo bóng this trực tuyến
Leicester wants to take Danny Drinkwater away from Chelsea image
 Drinkwater wants to leave Chelsea in the summer of 2018
Sanitarium in 1990 only five times the main kick in the English Premier League 2017/18, the times given the opportunity to play this player also not impressed. Drinkwater has not been able to match Kante with the horrific duel that helped Leicester win the Premier League.
Chelsea have bought more Jorginho from Napoli, which makes Drinkwater's main opportunity in the coming season very difficult. Drinkwater wanted to leave Chelsea in the summer of 2018 to make more appearances, a star born in 1990 wanting to escape from Stamford Bridge.
According to The Sun, the 28-year-old has come to Chelsea to demand a go, and the London club is also ready to sell the English midfielder, if received a reasonable offer.
Leicester wants to buy Drinkwater
Leicester want Danny Drinkwater to leave Chelsea, Fox is looking to bring the British player back to King Power. Last summer, the 28-year-old midfielder arrived at Stamford Bridge for £ 35m, but Leicester just wanted to spend about £ 20m to buy a player born in 1990  Soi kèo trận tối nay
Leicester want to rescue Drinkwater from hell Stamford Bridge image 2
Leicester wants to buy Danny Drinkwater
Chelsea are expected to earn at least £ 30m for Drinkwater, but Leicester are reluctant to meet that, and they only want to spend £ 20m on the deal.
If Chelsea do not agree to sell the Englishman, Leicester will switch to Drinkwater for a season with a £ 22m deal at the end of the 2018/19 season.
In addition to Leicester, Southampton and Crystal Palace want a 28-year-old, who also accepts £ 22-25m to bring Drinkwater off the Stamford Bridge kèo 365

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