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Dortmund is troubled by Pulisic

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Over the years there have been many rumors about Pulisic. British newspapers have reported that the 19-year-old American striker was the target of a scramble for Chelsea and Liverpool. Even Chelsea are ready to spend £ 62m (£ 70m) to bring Pulisic to Stamford Bridge. Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp has long admired Pulisic's talent. Klopp wants to have Pulisic after witnessing his double shot to help Dortmund defeat Liverpool in the 2018 International Champions League match on July 23 bong da anh click here
The German newspaper Pulisic news is on the sidelines of Bayern. The Bavarian giants want to continue their Dortmund routines as they did with Mario Goetze, Robert Lewandowski and Mats Hummels.
But ESPN has cited Dortmund's internal sources that the Ruhr team has not received any offer to buy Pulisic. There is a big story, the big man who wants to recruit Pulisic still only appears on the rumor. Dortmund "famous without pieces".
Dortmund fell into a passive position
Things have been easier with Dortmund if Pulisic was the only remaining two-year contract with the Ruhr team. Dortmund attempted to sign a new contract with Pulisic, replacing the deadline for the summer of 2020. But the negotiations went into a dead end thi truong chuyen nhuong  here
Dortmund wanted to prioritize Pulisic retention, but with a long-term commitment. If Pulisic insists on finding a new berth, Dortmund may be ready to weigh in on suggestions of 70 million euros or more. They would rather sell Pulisic this summer to get big money to reinvest in the squad, rather than having to sell him cheaply next summer. It is almost certain that Dortmund will not be able to relinquish the loss of Lewandowski to Bayern without a transfer fee.
Dulles has not been struck with Dortmund. Difficult is that, now the rich team is speculated to want to recruit Pulsic. Pulisic's future is still too vague. This ambiguity has affected Dortmund's staffing schedule for the new season. Dortmund's new "General" Lucien Favre is unlikely to build a squad with Pulisic as the core or should target new options in the transfer market tin bong da quoc te continue
Pulisic was a big hope for Dortmund. But now he can be considered a big problem for the Ruhr team. Dortmund, which decided to keep Pulisic to the end, could not help if he still refused to sign a new contract. Dortmund, which decided to sell Pulisic this summer, is unknown to anyone.
Anyway the transfer market this summer in the UK will be closed on 9/8 not the 31/8 milestone as every year. By the end of August 9 will know whether Chelsea, Liverpool or any other British team buy Pulisic or not. It's still 2 weeks ahead of the start of the Bundesliga season. Dortmund, however, was comforted by the fact that he had not spent much time resolving Pulisic's case.
70 If sold for 70 million euros, Pulisic will surpass Aubameyang (to Arsenal for 63.75 million euros) to become the second most expensive commodity in the history of Dortmund. The record belongs to Ousmane Dembele, who was sold to Dortmund for Barcelona for 115 million euros.
Impulses for Pulisic
Due to the uncertain Pulisic future, Dortmund has not yet hit this summer. The two biggest players so far have been Abdou Diallo (28 million euros from Mainz) and central midfielder Thomas Delaney (20 million euros from Bremen).
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