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To show the connection between a frame format and a shape, envision that you composed an allow application frame  layout for electrical contractual  workers to utilize. Each allow application that an electrical temporary worker rounds out is a shape. That shape is only a .xml document  that contains the information (and just the information) that was gone into the frame. The greater part of alternate things that make up the shape are given by the frame layout. This implies at whatever point your clients open a frame, that shape must find and  utilize its related frame format keeping in mind the end goal to work appropriately. Something else, when your clients opened a shape, they would see just XML markup labels and information. 

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 When you outline a frame format (.xsn) document, you are making a solitary record that contains different supporting records. Alternately, when your clients round out a  <a href="">Top Form Templates</a> shape, they are really rounding out a frame (.xml) record, which depends on a shape format. 

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