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TPD1T - Trigon Property Development

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Pagrindiniai finansiniai rodikliai (EUR)

Kaina P/BV P/E P/S GPM,% Grynasis pelnas, M Akcijų sk.
0.51 EUR 0.59 -2,788.00 382.42 -0.00 4 499 061

Kap., M Pardavimai, M EPS Buhalterinė vertė Pardavimai akcijai EBIT, M EBITDA, M
2.29 0.01 -0.01 0.87 0.01 0.00 0.00

1.81 -145.61 -145.61 -0.62 -0.58 0.23

Paskutinė ataskaita



2013-03-20 17:37 TPD: Audited annual report 2012
2013-02-27 16:45 TPD: Consolidated unaudited financial report for the fourth quarter and 12 months of 2012
2012-06-29 13:38 TPD: Resolutions of Annual General Meeting June 29, 2012
2012-06-07 10:12 TPD: Notice to Convene the Annual General Meeting of AS Trigon Property Development
2012-06-06 15:14 TPD: Announcements released by AS Trigon Property Development
2012-05-31 12:06 TPD: Unaudited Financial results of Trigon Property Development, 3 months of 2012
2012-05-21 12:11 TPD: Sale of land
2012-05-07 16:57 TPD: Correction: audited financial results of Trigon Property Development, 2011
2012-04-27 17:40 TPD: Audited financial results of Trigon Property Development, 2011
2012-02-29 14:23 TPD: Unaudited Financial results of Trigon Property Development, 12 months of 2011

Informacija apie įmonę

Name: AS Trigon Property Development
Core business: Property development
Date of establishment: February 17, 1945
Date of registration: October 28, 1996
Auditor: AS PricewaterhouseCoopers
Date of listing at Tallinn Stock Exchange: June 5, 1997 (Main list)
Other listings: no

Background information
AS Trigon Property Development has evolved as a result of division of AS Viisnurk on 19.09.2007. The core business activity of AS Trigon Property Development since 19.09.2007 is property development in Central and Eastern European countries. Currently AS Trigon Property Development owns one property development project, which is a 40ha land-area in Pärnu city, Estonia. The company’s intention is to develop business property for logistics, warehousing and light industry on the area. AS Trigon Property Development intends to significantly expand its property investments portfolio in Central and Eastern European region and the company currently conducts active negotiations for acquiring new projects. Additional information on new projects will be published in due course through respective stock exchange releases.

Contact details
Address: Viru Väljak 2, Tallinn 10111, Estonia
Phone: +372 6679 200,
Fax: +372 6679 201
E-mail: ulo@trigoncapital.com
Web page: www.trigonproperty.com
Contact person: Ülo Adamson


AIVAR KEMPI Member of management board
HEITI RIISBERG Member of supervisory council
JOAKIM HELENIUS Member of supervisory council
ULO ADAMSON Member of supervisory council

Pagrindiniai akcininkai

OÜ TRIGON WOOD 59.61% (2.68 M)
ING LUXEMBOURG S.A. 8.03% (0.36 M)
Kiti akcininkai 32,36% (1.46 M)

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